by Martin Eliasson
2008-06-25 01:39:30

Boy Scouts America Goes Open Source

It's not that every scout should learn programming, it's just that being forbidden to improve the world we live in and share it for the benefits of other is contrary to our life style.

Open Source lets you improve and share for the benefits of other. Remember: it's not free as in beer. Boy Scouts America has now created a center to support Open Source within scouting. Thank you.

From The Open Road :

"The Boy Scouts of America have created a website focused on open source.
It's designed "as a place for scouting leaders to go when they need
an application for their troop events or when they want to help other
troops with their software projects." It's also intended to add some
end-user usability to open-source development, which has long been
lacking from many projects. Good effort."

Open Source in my Scout Group

We use Ubuntu Linux extensively. Our web and mail servers runs Linux. Our web server is Apache + Zope + Plone . We also have a recruitment application build using TurboGears .