by Martin Eliasson
2008-10-21 13:53:21

David Allen on WorkFastTV

David Allen, great speaker and founder of GTD (Get Things Done) methodology on WorkFastTv.

Robert Scobleizer has an interesting life goal: to have at least one interesting conversation each day. He runs the Fast Company TV in which he shares some very professional conversations with some of the worlds most interesting thinkers and speakers right now.

For all us who try to improve the world, it is therefore really great that Robert managed to talk to David Allen about Get Things Done (GTD) and his new book.

Who is David Allen? David Allen is a world class personal efficiency consultant helping leaders and managers all round the world get control of their situation and get things done. One of David's important messages is that you can't really manage time. Time is. You can only manage your self, and doing that so that you empower yourself to reach your goals is what GTD is about.

Direct link to video page with discussion on WorkFastTV .

Lets plug the boat and put in a higher gear to improve the world around us.