by Martin Eliasson
2009-01-26 23:36:15

Snårigaskäggen 2009

Photos from Snårigaskäggen 2009.


Snårigaskäggen is a yearly contest, this year the theme was agents. Team Kraftkabel from Årsta Scoutkår managed to reach second place - first place recieves the fiorst price and the obligation to host the contest next year. Further, the Kraftkabel was awarded the prestigous Beard Award for best beard.

The Kraftkabel agent beards featured many secret pockets holding precious agent equipment. In addition, Kraftkabel bought communication equipment like phones and radios. Kraftkabel also brought the James Bond frame in order improve good looks further.

Take me to the secret photographs from Snårigaskäggen 2009 .

Photographs from earlier years: