by Martin Eliasson
2009-10-25 21:53:47

TED talks and the future of Scouting

Who doesn't love TED talks? These are a few popular TED talks which - depending on you view - convey important thoughts touching on how we can build Scouting of tomorrow.

Malcom Gladwell on Spagetthi Sauce

Malcom Gladwell giving a wonderful talk about on the power of variety. Ask yourself, do neighboring scout groups benefit from sharing the same program, or should they focus on their own variety of scouting?

Seth Godin

A Seth Godin talk is necessary, especially if your hooked on his blog . This talk is about having a story to tell, something worth making remarks about.

Once upon a long ago, scouting had a leader called BP who did just that - he told stories that few has done ever since. Go read Scouting for Boys or Rovering to Success . The man had a story and knew how to tell it. It was the times before radio and television, yet the idéas spread from Britain to Sweden in just a few years. From nothing to active scout groups in less than four years. Thats the power of stories. We need to relearn it.

Barry Schwartz on our loss of wisdom

On the importance of moral and the limits of rules. High quality Gill Well Course stuff If you ask me. A good conversation starter in leader teams.

Ken Robbinsson on creativity

A personal opinion of me is that in the 'developed' world we should be focusing on teaching creativity and arts, because that is where we as a society fail to deliver in the promises of a better life that material prosperity gives.