by Martin Eliasson
2009-11-09 23:05:49

Två Pumpar 2009 - the Awesome Scouts

Två Pumpar (Two Pumps in English) is the hike that prepares our scouts for the final test as patrol scouts.


Early september each year, we head for a place where we can live in the forrest. Each patrol's tasl is basically to plan the hike, plan the food, buy the food at home. Then they live in the patrol, cock the food over open fire. Their main tools are cocking pans, saw and axe.

What makes a scout leader really happy is that they - only about twelve years old - manage this already. They bought the food, enough food. They cocked it, they made fire. They cut down all the trees needed. And they had a good time.

I keep tellning them, since they proven to themselves they can survive with ease in the forrest for a weekend using only axe, saw, knife, some pots, a pice of plastic sheet for shelter - they can pretty much do anything in life.

They are awesome.

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