by Martin Eliasson
2007-04-01 17:26:06

Web web web

Finally Svenska Scoutförbunet throw out their old homepage and launched a new one. Here's whats good and bad in my opinion with the new solution.

Good things

  • Focus have been on readabillity and accessibillity. This is a major plus.
  • Nice look. As a face of our movment, a modern look is important
  • Photo media seems to be integrated everywhere.
  • RSS feeds
  • User comments


  • User login, and user generated content. The I-publish-you-read broadcast mindset communicated by the solution is old. Let's hope it's in the roadmap because it's needed. User comments exists which is a plus though.
  • I'm not sure, but I fear internal member-only pages that we have in Årsta Scoutkår is missing. I find it extremely usefull to have the official face of the organissation and the content management system with all internal documents in one and the same system.
  • RSS-feeds on frontpage and as rel-link. Its 2007 and the feeds are there, show them upfront!

Tip: check out plone.