by Martin Eliasson
2007-04-10 05:35:30

Why Scouting as Lifestyle

I was recently asked why I spend time being a scout. Here is my attempt to answear that question using a reasonable amount of words.


1 - Community lifestyle

When I turned 18 and got my drivers license, I borrowed my fathers Volvo 245 state. Not that a Volvo 245 estate is a special car in any way, but I suppose everyone remembers the first time they drove alone. I'v driven many modern cars since back then, but nothing is as fun as those days. The quest for luxury in my opinion is a Don Quixiote quest. I prefere a simpler lifestyle based on values rather than items, I prefere spending my time with friends exercising creativity and a the same time doing something usefull for others.

2 - I'm rich

Some people have enought and can give away surplus (time and/or money). Some don't and have to work hard to get more. Many people try to obtain a level of happiness by things which is a sure way of never having enough. I decided to use backwards logic - by giving away time and money, by action I define what's enough for me. Strange as it may sound, it makes me more happy. For those who want to knwo more about the connection between happiness and money, check out the book The psychology of money.

3 - Alive

I read somewhere that a french philosopher observed that our time kan be characterized as necrophilean in the sense that we tend to worship dead items over anything else. It's a disturbing thought, but it coincides with a time when most people of my country have grown up without contact with animals and other living 'items' you would find on a farm or in the forrest.


The scout lifestyle is about celebrating life and friendship. It's about the joy of your own and others personal growth.