by Martin Eliasson
2013-12-24 01:13:41

Photography of 2013

The year end is close and so it's time to share a few photo links as well as my own favourite top ten photos of the year. I have to add that the biggest progress was musically and not photography, but that's another story I'm not ready to tell yet.

Starting with my own favourite photos of the year, here is my ten favourites. One of my big favourites was taken on a frosty September morning, it was so cold fog couldn't be cleared off the lens. Sure, it was better in black and white because of the blue sky breaking thrue, so I did some colour adjusting.


Neihaischen Luxembourg. The colours were right. The snap just waited for me. It's a quite ok execution of a photo someone else took though, isn't it?


Sometime I so much wish the tilt-screen on the Olympus PL5 could be tilted in all directions. The autumn light was perfect and the way it played with the colours of the balloons were so lovely. A theme for this year is that I have tried to shoot less from eye-level and this composition follows that development of mine.


Spring sun through a water spray. Sometimes you have soft light when you normally would have hard light. My original aim was more to document the sea rescue training event rather than get away with this. I try to remember this though, my friend who was at the same event had a Canon 5D mkII, but since the camera is relatively expensive comapared to my old DSLR, he didn't take som many photos cause he didn't like to take his camera to the sea.


Another of those not so sunny days when the softest light occurs. I had a hard time getting the right expression though, so light and a colourful raincoat is not everything.


Sometimes, photographs are just served on a plate. I have come to consider good technique and shooting discipline (and I don't claim I have it all) as a way of being polite and showing respect to the golden moments of everything the world happens to give to you from time to time.


A snap. The colour of the eye matches the colour of the reflection in the glass, but it's also an image who doesn't need to show everyting in order to work. I like those. It respects the fact that most observers can perfectly well fill in the blanks.


These compositions is very influenced from lessons in design. I also have a weak spot for taking a photograph that would have been 'good' and 'normal' if it weren't for the thing standing in the way. Now you have to imagne the size of the mountain the layers of white hints at. Food for thought.


I was lucky with this one, it works because I left out the sky in the photo and the haze creates this depth in the image. Timing was also quite ok I think. Street photography in the archipelago I would say.


I always come back from paddle hikes with lots of good shots. I think the silver coloured canoes works so well because they reflect light and colour the same way water does and at the same time, they are colour neutral so they do not conflict with any other colour in the photo. Like clothes. Plus, we are always having great fun which I think is an important precondition.