by Martin Eliasson
2007-05-24 15:35:01

Another Turbogears site online

Yet another Turbogears web tool online. This time it's a simple tool enabling prospect scouts and their parents to sign up for trial scout meeting in early autumn.

The Turbogears tool is an upgrade of earlier cgi-script tools enabling:
  • Several scout groups to share the same solutions
  • Manager users can online look at prospects and send simple (text) newsletters by email to selected prospects.
  • Manager users can download selected prospects as xml or cvs files for further processing.

The process and tool suporting it is designed for about 50 prospects, so we keep things pretty simple. For example, updating a prospects information can be done by the prospect by simply submitting the form with info one more time. We manually check the phone numbers etc. to determine which entries in the database are upgrade entries.

Simple and neat.

An additional handy feature is that sqlite is used as backend, so long-term privacy is maintained by simple erasing the single db file after the trial scout meeting.


The use of KID with sensible CSS makes it possible not only to read the main page using a mobile device (running Opera Mini), but also to enter a prospect quite easy. Anywhere.

Got to love Trubogears.