by Martin Eliasson
2006-12-01 23:48:26

Technology preview

My new personal site is now up and running in technology-preview mode.


Technology preview mode means I got a basic site working and even if not all features are enabled yet, the data model is pretty much stable and I've got a clear idéa of how I want the site to work and what features it should support.


There is nothing unique I belive in my solution, I just wanted to learn Turbogears and have a personla site the way I want it to work.

Features (not all visible yet)

  • Editable through the web using a variety of markup including reST
  • Support for albums of music, videos and photos
  • Support for comments on all content
  • Blogish handling of articles even if focus is more on articles than short blogs.
  • Support for newsletters and flexible user handling
  • RBAC scheme
  • Link collection