by Martin Eliasson
2007-12-24 10:26:49

Real world web feedback part 2

As 2008 comes to an end it was again time to analyse the impact and usage of the Årsta Scoutkår website.

This article is a follow up to real world web feedback .

I took care of Årsta Scoutkår home page almost directly after joining the scout group. In the beginning we had a simple html-file homepage but this year I put some work in upgrading the homepage to a real site using plone .

A lot of work has been put into the homepage and it has been a joy to review the visitor statistics of 2007.


Non-surprising key-findings

  • Number of unique visitors raising. Constantly. On average, we have had 850 unique visitors each quarter.
  • A majority of visitors comes from Google and search engines.
  • About 30 times more visitors comes from Google than the sum of visits from any of the other scout pages referring to our site (that I have found in the weblogs).
  • The front page isn't the only popular page: (10% of all views)
  • Many visitors (53%) view only one page

Translation: Google rules.

Key comparison: our scout group have a size of about 100 active scouts. Our quarterly now-abandoned internal newsletter used to be printed in about 250 ex. We are talking of about a web audience beeing 2.5 times larger.

Google keyphrases ordered by visits in 2007

Total number of keyphrases 1147
  1. 148 jingijamborii (page 1)
  2. 116 årsta scoutkår (page 1)
  3. 97 apollo 17 (page 1)
  4. 80 labcde (page 1)
  5. 27 blå hajk (page 1)
  6. 26 samekåta (page 1)
  7. 25 en obekväm sanning tv (page 1)
  8. 22 årsta scouterna (page 1)
  9. 22 vässarö (page 1)
  10. 21 l-abcde (page 1)
  11. 20 climatecrisis (page 1)
  12. 20 årsta scouter (page 1)
  13. 19 årsta scout (page 1)
  14. 18 spirit of the wild (page 1)
  15. 15 mötesmall (page 1)
  16. 13 mårtensmässan (page 1)
  17. 12 en obekväm sanning på tv (page 1)
  18. 11 arstascouterna (page 1)
  19. 11 årstascouterna (page 1)
  20. 11 seglarläger (page 2)

Below is an illustration of theses top searches grouped on topic to show more clearly why visitors comes to our site.

This histogram is nice because it is showing key marketing information on what scouts and potential scouts are interesed in. Am I the only one thinking:
  • we got to go camping more (Jiingijamborii)
  • we need to go looking for the stars more often (apollo 17)
  • rescue and medicare (labcde) is important to many

In addition, in the end of the top searhces tail we got hiking- and nature interesed searches (samekåta, blå hajk, vässarö, seglarläger) but also plenti of environment interest (en obekväm sanning på tv, climatecrisis, spirit of the wild).

Latest Google searches that led to us

Different referers 1147
  1. fjällrävens ramryggsäckar (page 1)
  2. origami box svensk (page 1)
  3. scout 2001 bilder (page 2)
  4. hammarby fotboll ab (page 1)
  5. origami (page 5)
  6. konfirmation stockholm (page 1)
  7. stockholms filmfestival (page 7)
  8. vässarö.se (page 1)
  9. jim hansen al gore (page 1)
  10. scoutskjorta (page 2)
  11. julotta stockholm 2007 (page 1)
  12. martin eliasson +musik (page 1)
  13. Äldersdiabetes (page 1)
  14. boomerang senior (page 1)
  15. orrfjärdsgränd + årsta (page 1)
  16. begagnad fjällrävens ryggsäck (page 1)
  17. köpa 100 dollars dator (page 1)
  18. fotoalbum scoutkår (page 6)
  19. mora 2000 (page 2)
  20. scout community (page 1)

One interesting thing I've always noticed is that my old article since the late 90's about backpacks is a never ending source of visitors.

Translation: quality content gives us visitors.

Usage key findings

  • 6.4% of all visitors view exactly three pages.
  • 5% of all visitors view 11-20 pages.
  • If 11.4% of 850 visitors per quarter is our quality visitors, then we have about 90 quality visitors a quarter or about one quality visitor a day.
  • Visitor click stream pattern shows again that the information rich parts of the site is the part of the site the visitors clicks to get to.

Translation: if you publish things regularly, people comes to visit.


The first graph shows pages with norefrer which means they typically entered the address in the location bar of their browser or have privacy turned on.


The second graph has no noreferers so it shows more clearly how the more interested visitors click around our site.


Challenges for 2009

  1. how can we use the visits to our site in order to grow the movment? If one person each day appeared at our scout house being very interested about some aspect of what we do or know, what would we do? Turn them away?
  2. how can we use the visits to our site to spread the idéas of scouting? We have an audience. Now?


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