by Martin Eliasson
2008-06-25 01:23:11

M-Audio Delta 66 Problem

M-Audio Delta 66 problem with Rev. E cards.

Update: solved by Delta 1010LT impersonation.

MAudio has been well known for making great sound cards working with Linux for a long time.

Now they silently ships Rev E (which I unfortunately got) of the Delta 66 card and suddenly it just don't work. At least not in Ubuntu 6.06 or Ubuntu 7.10.

You can follow the thread on but for now I can sadly only advice you to stay away from M-Audio on Linux. Too bad because I have a long and positive experience professionally of the Delta 44.


In Ubuntu 8.04 the card works if modules.conf is twekaed a little. Read last comment on this page :

I have my sound card working!!
I set a diferent model for my Delta66 in /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base. I put “options snd-ice1712   model=delta1010lt”.

I guess this means the Delta 66 rev E really is a Delta 1010lt with a different breakout box. I'm very happy with the unit and it sounds great now that I got it working. My experience of third party sound cards is that they sound much better than built in cards. A 96khz 24 bit prosumer grade like the MAudio or Audiotrak Maya II (no linux support unfortunately) makes a differnece you can actually hear compared to the builtins.