by Martin Eliasson
2008-06-22 00:27:16

Real world web feedback part 3

In the quest of using the web as a marketing tool for my scout group Årsta scoutkår, I have now compiled the web statistics of our site for the first half of 2008 and analysed the traffic.

My key finding is that we really ought to be more environmentally progressive and increase the focus on outdoor activities.

This article is a follow up to real world web feedback part 2 .

These are the continued lessons learned from Årsta Scoutkår site built using plone .

A lot of work has been put into the homepage and it has been a joy to review the visitor statistics of the first part of 2008. I included part of december 2007 in the analysis since I did the last analysis about christmas 2007. this doesen't change much in the analysis since we generally have very little traffic in december and july.


First of all, traffic keeps growing. Last time I checked we had about 800 unique visitiors per quarter, now we have about 1200 unique visitors per quarter. that'a 50% increase in traffic. A key observation is that the relative amount of traffic from Google has dropped a little bit , which probably means our own scout groop have been using this site increasingly. I find this very satisfying.


Secondly, the searches on Google hitting our page shows we have good ranking at Google, but it also shows what interests people and what we ought to do more of. In short, we ought to do more outdoor activities and be a lot more environmentally concerned.

Below is the top searches (a little bit condensed by gouping very related searches such as 'årstascouterna' and 'årsta scouter') for the first half of 2008. Inquiring minds may compare to the result of the last topic analysis presented in real world web feedback part 2 .

Google keyphrases ordered by visits in first part of 2008

Total number of keyphrases 1033
  1. 243 utelekar (page 1 + page 2)
  2. 76 l-abcde (page 1)
  3. 64 årsta scoutkår (page 1)
  4. 33 seglarläger (page 1)
  5. 31 boomerang scout (page 1)
  6. 25 insektsgift (page 1)
  7. 25 Vässarö (page 1)
  8. 18 enola gay (page 1)
  9. 16 samekåta (page 1)
  10. 16 hjälpfonden (page 1)
  11. 16 jingijamborii (page 1)
  12. 12 mora 2000 (page 1)
  13. 12 woodcraft (page 1)
  14. 10 höstlov stockholm 2008 (page 1)
  15. 10 climatecrisis (page 1)

Below is an illustration of theses top searches grouped on topic to show more clearly why visitors comes to our site.