by Martin Eliasson
2010-01-28 00:35:39

Real World Web Feedback 2009

In the quest of using the web as a marketing tool, I have now compiled the web statistics for my scout group Årsta Scoutkår for the whole 2009.

This year Google Analytics is used, so there are more details available for those who seek.

Key findings are that traffic has stopped to grow and that outdorr and game are very important themes for our visitors.

This is a follow-up on earlier years analysis and lessons learned from the web, see for example Real World Web Feedback 2008



Traffic level has leveled out averaging about 300 visitors per month or 900 visitors per quarter. This can be compared to the old treeware newsletter being printed in 150 copies each quarter. Given our groups size, the web has therefore enabled us to reach much further than before.

We have 80% new visitors. That means that for many of our potential supporters, our web site is the first encounter they have with our scout group.

The peak in traffic is around our yearly bazaar. Quite popular indeed.

Keyword search analysis shows that there are a large group of visitors seeking information on events and our activities. Another large group seek knowledge on things scout leaders are (or are supposed to b) good at: games, play and outdoor life.

75% of our traffic is from Google. This traffic can further be divided into visitors looking for our group and visitors looking for what we do or know. The number of visitors coming from sites listing our name and web address is almost irrelevant.

The average visitor visits three pages in one minute and thirty seconds. Attention is short, so one must focus on conveying the critical pieces of knowledge and information.

Top Keyword Searches


The data for the diagram has been cleaned and collapsed, so it shows what people are looking for. The blue bars are searches on knowledge and the beige-orange bars are searches on specific events.

To reach further out, sharing knowledge is paramount. A few informative pages related to what you learn in scouting drives significant traffic. These are visitors who likely is very positive to our cause and hence represents potential supporters. In other words, marketing you can't afford to miss.

Lessons for scouting

Actually, the lessons from earlier web analysis remains. Good areas to focus the scout program should be on play, games, emergency medicare and summer camps.

Let's get started.