by Martin Eliasson
2008-12-27 23:59:11

Real world web feedback part 4

In the quest of using the web as a marketing tool for my scout group Årsta Scoutkår, I have now compiled the web statistics of our site for the second half of 2008 and analyzed the traffic.

Key findings from previous analysis remains. The biggest change is that I have started to use Google Analytics this autumn, so next report will look a little different.

This article is a follow up to real world web feedback part 3 following up on real world web feedback part 2 .

These are the continued lessons learned from Årsta Scoutkår site built using plone .

This is the visitor statistics of the second part of 2008. As excpected, traffic for december 2008 is low. We generally have very little traffic in December and July since we all take leave from scouting in those months.


The traffic has now leveled out a little which isn't very satisfying. We now have about 7000 single visits in 7 months which is about 1000 a month (somewhere the 800 and 1200 visits a months previous periods). The traffic leveling out is in line with two trends: I have worked more on my own sites and new good content drives traffic, secondly, Årsta scoutkår has not been using internet any more than previous years. This is clearly seen in the Google Analytics logs. Main events many members look for in the home page are absent due to organizers being web-illiteral. That is unsustainable and a dead end.

Let's take a look at Google searches now. Below is the top searches (a little bit condensed by gouping very related searches such as 'årstascouterna' and 'årsta scouter') for the second half of 2008. Inquiring minds may compare to the result of the last topic analysis presented in real world web feedback part 3 .

Google keyphrases ordered by visits in second part of 2008

Total number of keyphrases 883 (down from 1033 previous period)

  1. 381 utelekar (page 1) (note, 243 previous period)
  2. 164 årsta scoutkår (page 1) (that's us, obviously, what we do is more important than who we are)
  3. 34 enola gay (page 1) (still a surprise, this is due to a single article I wrote).
  4. 28 mårtensmässan (page 1) (this is great, we never used to have any searches on this fundraising activity before)
  5. 21 labcde (page 1) (down from 76 searches previous period)
  6. 21 bandy by night 2008 (page 1)
  7. 18 vässarö konfirmation (page 1)
  8. 15 olle carlsson (page 2) (popular man, happens to be confirmation priest at Vässarö Scout Island)
  9. 15 militärens packning lista i fjällen (page 2)
  10. 13 iarsta (page 1)
  11. 13 seglarläger (page 1)
  12. 9 haglöfs skarja (page 1)
  13. 9 boomerang scout (page 1)
  14. 9 utvärderingsmall (page 1)

Below is an illustration of theses top searches grouped on topic to show more clearly why visitors comes to our site.