by Martin Eliasson
2007-07-07 10:26:14

Jiingi Histogram

This is an important histogram showing the scout group sizes going to Jiingijamboree, or Jiingi in short, the Swedish national jamboree of 2007.

My question is: isn't it hard to focus on the small group when we hardly have small groups at all?

Jiingi Histogram

The histogram shows the number of groups having 1,2,...117 members going to Jiingijamborii. Remeber, a group may consists of scouts ages 10-11 (junior scouts we call them), 12-15 (patrull scouts we call them), 16-18 (senior scouts we call them) and leaders.

Personally I feel you need a minimum of two 10 scouts + 2 leaders to make something of a scout group in the age group 13-15. As you can see in the histogram, quite many groups have big time trouble reaching this size.

If this is representalble to how it looks in scout Sweden, we have a serious problem. If scouts do not want to join our camp when scouting celebrates 100 years since the frist camp that started it all, we have issues to deal with.


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