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This is an experimental tool for a very specific purpose - creating diplomas for scout volounteers and leaders showing long term comittments in scouting.

These diplomas can be used outside scouting, they are however tailored for situations where you want to express gratitude and recognition for continous work.

How it works

You will need to files:

You will using this page upload these documents to my server which will respond with a zip-file for you to download. This zip-file contains one diploma per person found in the spreadsheet file.

File Format and data layout

The idéa behind the diplomas is that (at least in Sweden) five years of continous active committment to the movment yields a honourary badge. Since each year has two semesters, five years equals ten rows on the diploma. One full diploma = one honourary badge. Easy.

Important: the diplomas processed by this tool are multi-line diplomas - see the examples. The diploma template needs to have one table with one single cell (at least) and the table MUST have the name name. Furter, the diploma demplate need another table with 11 rows and at least three columns and that table MUST have the name years.

The Spreadsheet is conceptually a database. This tool assumes one sheet per person, and each sheet must have the name of the person in cell B1. Further, the ten rows are rows 3 through 12 and columns are:

You may have more columns and more rows, this tool currently ignores those cells.


Doing it

Use the form below. Select your files, upload it using the create button and enjoy the almost instant result.

Create Diplomas

Diploma template file - text file:

Names and positions - spreadsheet file: