by Martin Eliasson
2006-12-01 22:48:32

About Me

About Martin Eliasson, the author of this site


I am a software developer and solutions architect with project management skills. Right now I'm working as a consultant for Prevas , a Sweedish consulting company specializing in industrial and medical device development. Prevas have about 500 employees in the nordic region. I have until recently been assigned to a small but progressive medical technology company called XCounter developing the next generation digital mammography system known as the XC Mammo -3T project . Currently I'm assigned to the Ericsson FlexTools team developing compilers, debuggers, tracers and other tools for developing on the FlexASIC processor platform. That includes writing a Linux kernel driver with interrupt handling for an embedded solution.

On the XC Mammo -3T project I was lead developer with special expertise in media logistics. It may sound odd, but there are a lot of similarities to building a media encoding solution as we did at Popwire. I have been exposed to standard such as AAMI TIR32, IEC 62304 and ISO 14971 . Other standards I've encountered over the years includes MIL STD 498 and Common Criteria .

Previously I have implemented web services, done web applications development, developed embedded systems for maritime usage and developed media transcoding solutions not to mention one of the major DRM solutions being used today in Sweden (another project I've managed to get done on time, on budget and with one bug). I have also been team leader at Saab .

Before I ended up at Prevas (formely AUSystems which used to be Teleca Sweden South) I worked for Popwire AB working on various parts on Compression Engine video transcoding software, nowdays known as 'Episode' by Telestream. I have also been lead developer on the Hump-Free Interceptor System Active which I managed to get done on budget, on time and with one bug.

My weapons of choice varies with the task and includes Linux, MacOSX, C, C++, C#, Python , Plone , SWIG , TurboGears , VisualBasic, SQL, SQLObject , VMWare and Windows of various flavors. Lately I've been using ctypes , NLog , NAnt , NUnit and CruisControl.NET too. I program beacus I enjoy it.

I haven't been contributing to Open Source projects as much as I wish. One thing I have done is help the TurboLucene project with getting the latest version of pylucene to work. I've also been using a lot of such software empowering the scout community in Sweden giving back to the community that way.

This site I've built myself is using the TurboGears web RAD framework as well as the recruitment application for Årsta Scoutkår and I'm also responsible for customizing and maintaining the new Plone site of our scout group so if you need Plone or TurboGears help I'm at your service. Lately I started the blog Ett År med Spejarna dedicated to the daily work as scout leader. I have also started to make screencasts to help my friends use plone more effectively and in the process started to integrate audio- and video- flash players in the sites I maintain.


Iv'e got an M.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Linköping University, just like many other top notch software developers in Sweden.

In addition I've studied almost 1.5 years of psychology.


I've been a scout since early years and I still have leadership as my hobby and scouting as my lifestyle. Now days I'm a scout leader in Stockholm teaching knowledge for life and guiding youth in management and leadership. I'm also conducting a long term project exploring the application of Toyota Thinking System (TPS) and other quality philosophies to our own management and leadership. Currently the focus is on developing methods and ideas for identifying and removing muda - waste.

In the summers I work as staff member at our European scout center Vässarö in the Stockholm Archipelago. Last year I had the position of manager for the program activities offered by the center for a four week period, the period including the sea scout camp Sjöstjärnan (approximately 1300 participants) directly followed by district camp Strandsatt (approximately 2100 participants).



I have composed two albums and a few other songs. My weapons of choice are syhtnezisers, but I also have two accoustic guitars. Some of my music has ended up in short movies.


I love to go to photo exhibitions and sometimes shot photos my self. Sometimes I use color slide film like Velvia, sometimes I use black and white, it depends on my mood, the season and the subject. Swedish autumn for example is especially well suited to black and white photography. I used to spend a lot of time in the darkroom as student, and I still find the expression one can get from proper black and white darkroom printing to be the most telling form of photography. For simplicitys sake, now days I do a lot of photo work with my computer and I have to admit I use my Nikon D80 frequently these days.