Reaches of Civilization - Create Label Sheets - BETA

This is an experimental tool for a very specific purpose - creating label sheet pdf(s) that you can print on self-adhessive label sheets, those you use for address labels for mailing real envelopes with information to all your organizations members.

As a side note: I tried to use OpenOffice.orgs label system, but it was too complicated, so I figured I give reportlab a try and post the demo/BETA of my achievments here for yours to use freely.

What you will get

This tool generates a multi-page pdf in A4 size for labels being 70mm wide and 37 mm high. In Sweeden you buy these at Clas Ohlson stores: Artikelnummer 32-2618.

The address information format - now with OOorg support

You will have to upload either a csv file or an spreadsheet to my server, the csv-file has to be utf8 encoded like the cvs-files created with spreadsheet when exported as csv file.

You may get som help looking at an example of an original spreadhseet file which now can be uploaded as it is (thanks to the power of open formats and free software) and an example of an exported csv file that also can be used to generate a label sheet pdf.

You must use semicolon ";" as field separator and newline as line separator in the csv file. We can't use comma as separator can we, since it is often used in addresses.

Further, the first row in both csv-file and spreadsheet is considered to be the headers. You may have many columns in your csv file or spreadsheet with other information than address information. The headers are cleverly used to figure out which columns are part of the address to be printed and which columns contains which part of the address. The following headers MUST exist and MUST have these names exactly:

This way, you may create labels from any list of people given those columns. If Address 2 column is empty, it will not show up as an empty line.

BTW, sorry for the Sweedish names, but this is a BETA mainly for my Sweedish friends. Let me know if you find it usefull anyway. Maybe we can make this tool more flexible in the future. I actually wrote it for member-lists from clubonweb, the crappy membership system used among both Sweedish and Finnsih scouts.

Doing it

Use the form below. Select your csv file, upload it using the create button and enjoy the instant result.

Create label sheet PDF.

file with addresses to upload in order to get your pdf: