by Martin Eliasson
2009-11-21 16:06:56

Vässarö 2009

Photos from scout center Vässarö, late summer 2009.

Life at Program

I work as program manager at Vässarö half the summer (about mid July until almost the end of August, the time period is known as II so I'll sometimes refer to Program II ) and these photos are taken whenever I simultaneously have a camera and time to take photos.

I'm not sure if all the photos make sense unless you have been at our island. Formal questions, information on the service offered by the scout center and booking information is best done at .

Highlights 2009

In no particular order:

  • Stockholm scout district camp Mysteriet (the mystery). The theme of the camp was a 1930:s mystery to be solved by detectives. We had young scouts taking on detective work seriously all over the island for about a week.
  • Konfirmation camp
  • The pirate camp (Pirathica i think it was called)

What's a konfirmand?

We call them konf for short. The Swedish word is konfirmand , the English translation is roughly catechist . Every summer we have two four-week camps where youth do their existential/spiritual/ethical//biblical studies as a scout camp. Christianity is not necessary for being a scout in Sweden or on our island and the reason I call them konf or konfirmand instead of the English word is that our protestantic version of Christian belief isn't well captured by foreign words or concepts.

About Vässarö

Vässarö is owned and managed by Stockholm Scout district, Sweden. The whole island is served by youth. Today, Vässarö is both a camp site and a course facility. The location of the island is about one and a half hours north of Stockholm where the archipelago meets the open sea.

The program office has coordinates in WGS84: Lat N 60° 15' 20" Lon E 18° 41' 35"