Hollyrosa 2016 – Arbetsblock 2

Schema 2016

[ X ] Lots+Torekov = Storbåt
[ / ] Verify external booking request works with lot/storbåt


[ X ] dojo-1.11
[ X ] JavaScript cleanup

[ X ] Move from Toscawidgets1 to Toscawidgets2
[ X ] supervisord (not needed as latest version now runs behind WSGI which is a much better idea)
[ X ] tg.2.3.8 and gearbox – major progress since everythings cleaner now and with tg 2.3.9 we are close to python3. mod_wsgi also fairly easy now.

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Founder of this site, scout leader for decades, used to be program manager, PII, Vässarö and this site was started becasue of that. Author of program booking system Hollyrosa. Goose Network Coordinator 2012-2015, Member of planning team for European Guide and Scout Centres Managers Conference 2013, 2015 and 2017.

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