Why then do utopian communities so often fail?

Jag måste länka till den här AEON artikeln, vi scouter vill ju också bygga en bättre värld.

Why then do utopian communities so often fail? Interestingly, attrition rates for intentional communities are not all that different from many other types of human endeavour. The failure rate for start-ups is around 90 per cent, and the longevity of most companies is dismal: of the Fortune 500 companies listed in 1955, more than 88 per cent are gone; meanwhile, S&P companies have an average lifespan of just 15 years. Can we really expect more longevity from experimental communities? And if not, what can we learn from an audit of these experiments? What have been the key factors undermining communitarian living?

via https://aeon.co/essays/like-start-ups-most-intentional-communities-fail-why